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Comedian David Race  

3/12/19 - Hollywood Improv

5/7/19 - Levity Live - Oxnard, CA

7/16/19 - Brea Improv  

8/8/19 - Icehouse - Pasadena, CA

10/18/19 - Icehouse - Pasadena, CA

3/14/20 - Private Event

(All dates subject to change without notice)

David Race is a comedian, host, and TV and podcast - show creator.

Fans love David Race's smart, sharp, and unique style of comedy.

Race began his radio career just out of high school... Appearing almost daily on the Howard Stern Show as "Dave the Intern". This was quickly followed by David becoming a full time rock radio DJ, at radio stations like WBAB/Long Island, and WMMR/Philadelphia.

After more than 10 years in radio, Race completed a shift towards stand up comedy, and relocated to Los Angeles.  He became a consistent performer on the L.A comedy scene, which included regularly being seen on stage at some of the most famous comedy clubs in the country.      

David Race has appeared on the Howard Stern show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Sirius/XM Radio's "Raw Dog" stand-up comedy channel.  He was the creator and host of the popular online show "Celebrity Eulogy", and the podcast "Comedians Talking About Bigfoot" (which became a TV pilot).

David is currently the creator and host of the hit podcast "Monstrosity with David Race". Monstrosity Podcast features well known celebrities and paranormal experts, discussing the paranormal (and other things), in a sometimes serious, sometimes comical setting. You can visit the Monstrosity Podcast website to listen to the show, for free at this link: Monstrosity with David Race

David Race was born and raised in New York, and now resides in Los Angeles, California.